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孕妇照 Maternity photo

Maternity photos are a record of a new stage in your life

You are growing up day by day, mom and dad love you!

Who says pregnant women can’t take beautiful photos? Women are most attractive when they are pregnant.
For those fairies who want to come to AF to take maternity photos, please pay attention to some matters

🤰The best period for pregnant women to take photos:
30-35 weeks for single mothers 22-28 weeks for twins

** Because taking maternity photos also pays attention to the beauty of the body, the body curves are presented in the camera📸
But in the final analysis, safety is the most important consideration. If you exceed the above-mentioned period, unfortunately, you may suffer from edema or excessive fatigue, so please notify us in advance.

** The mother's body language cooperation is required during the shooting😯
Although women all love beauty, they hope to capture the most beautiful self in the camera💃🏻
But remember, if you feel any discomfort or exhaustion before or during the shoot🤒, you must notify us proactively🥰

You can bring your favorite jewelry, pets, toys, baby clothes, etc. according to your favorite style. AF definitely has room for your creativity😉
You can also tell the photographer in advance about the shooting style😎Just tell the photographer what style you want, don’t be shy😚
If you are a mother who wants to bring children to the photo shoot, please make sure that the father is accompanying and can take care of the child so that the mother can concentrate on the photo shoot.
However, maternity photos are mainly taken of the mother 🤰.
For some family photos, you need to bring your own casual clothes or be naked😄 For example, if you take a naked family photo, dad only needs to wear jeans on the lower body. If you unify the theme, the effect will be perfect😍

If you are unable to come for the photoshoot due to unfortunate termination of pregnancy, you can apply for a hospital certificate to cancel the schedule and refund the deposit. Your health is important, mothers should take good care of themselves.

After arranging the schedule, if it is due to premature birth, etc., we can also transfer your deposit to the baby album 👶🏻 or family portrait 👪, etc. Sorry, we do not have the cancellation service for the time being, and hope you can understand😘

The most important thing is to keep a happy and relaxed mood when shooting☺️

Please refer to "Warm reminder before shooting💡" before shooting

Maternity Clothing
For the fairies who want to take maternity photos, here are some clothing suggestions for you😘You can wear belly-revealing clothes to let the camera depict the unique body curves of pregnant women😉You can choose natural and classic colors for clothes, such as black, white, earth tones, the most versatile colors, so that even after many years, you will still be a fashionable mother when you look at the photos again😍You can also wear your husband's white shirt, jacket, vest, oversized clothes can also show your femininity💃🏻If you want to wear your favorite clothes, of course you can😚Like your own shirts, vests, knitted sweaters, off-shoulder clothes, and even deep V-neck clothes, you can wear them as long as you want🥳If you want to wear pre-pregnancy pants or skirts, it's OK, you don't have to button them, as long as they can fit around the waist and don't fall off easily👌

《About underwear👙》
Safety pants with low waist, short angle, black, white, and flesh color are preferred. ☺️Moms who want to take sexy photos can prepare their own underwear, such as low waist panties, swimsuits, thongs, nipple stickers, nu bra, thin clothes, hot pants (if you bring your own underwear, lace is preferred 😎, you will definitely be photographed as a hot mom 😜) If there is anything you don’t understand or need to add, please feel free to ask, we AF are happy to serve you
AF will provide some coats or small clothing

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